“When will you post another podcast episode?”

“Your life's so interesting, you should start a podcast!”

“Didn't you used to have a podcast?”

3 well-meaning comments, all with the same effect: leaving you feeling a bit like a failure.

Maybe you already have a podcast that has either pod-faded or which you only post on once in a blue moon. Or maybe you have a great podcast idea but can’t bring yourself to start recording. Or maybe you hesitate to start podcasting because you're too busy enjoying your life and don't want it to become a burden. Or perhaps you just don’t know where to start.

If any of this sounds like you, you belong in the Untethered Podcasting! (UP!) workshop.

Hosted by professional broadcast journalist and longtime traveling mom, Rosa Linda Román, Untethered Podcasting is an 8-week workshop which brings together the best of both worlds:

The tools to create work you are proud of and the freedom to live life on your terms.

From sailing catamarans to campers, from the USA to many other countries, Rosa Linda has been successfully podcasting on-the-go since 2008.

Join her for this premium, 8-week workshop, designed to empower adventurers to podcast without all the pain.

In this 8 week workshop you will:

• Go from a passive podcast listener to a powerful podcast producer.

• Choose the perfect topic for your podcast.

• Learn how to get out of your own way to discover (or rediscover) the joy of podcasting

• Join a supportive community of like-minded Adventurers, Storytellers & Dreamers

• Break through the barriers that are holding you back.

• Experience the freedom of Untethered Podcasting which allows you to be fully present for the life you love (or the life you will soon love)!

• Learn Rosa Linda's top tips and tricks for podcasting on-the-go.

• Learn which tools you need (and which you don't!) to get started.

• And much, much more!

Yes, you could spend that time scrolling social media or binge-watching a TV show., but wouldn't you rather go into the holiday season with something special to share with family and friends; your very own, healthy, joy-sparking podcast?!?

Plus, if you join now you will be an UP! Founding Member and enjoy bonuses like:

  • 2 free, professionally edited podcast episodes.
  • Lifetime access to the workshop recordings.
  • ...and more!

Come join Untethered Podcasting! today to not only discover (or rediscover) your authentic voice, but to surround yourself with a community of change-makers finding the freedom to lose sight of the shore.

Presented by

New Mexicast's
Rosa Linda Román

October 27, 2022
5:00pm Mountain Time

"Untethered Podcasting"
8 Week Workshop

Thursdays at 5:00pm MDT
starting October 27, 2022!

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